I continued to experiment with altering analog photographs (see my series: African Memories). I call the new series “Dreamscapes”.  First I cause physical changes in (old) photographs, (processes which can take a long time), then I scan them and finish them with photoshop (usually only making changes in contrast, brightness and saturation).  Below is a first selection. The average size of the (high resolution) digital prints on archival paper  is 16 by 11 inches.

Dream Cloud      32818


Bonfire    41318


Cave   41618


Too close for comfort    32818


Visitor  41618


Cajo digs   4518


Dangerous Currents  33018


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At the Gate     2018

21 by 14 inches. Combined processes on paper

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I am the eggman

Heart of the matter  2016      Acrylics and metal powder on canvas, with mirror, 30 by 40 inches




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Beware   2018     36 by 34 inches  Found industrial painting with found flag

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I want to conclude the year with another selection from my “African Memories” project. This started when I found some old pictures from a journey in Africa which had suffered water damage. They inspired me to experiment, to speed up a process that had taken many years. I cause the decay intentionally because I find its intricate beauty fascinating but also because its interaction with the fading old snap shots of a youth that is gone, of an Africa that is gone, opens up intense, mixed feelings.



















close up of previous image






For titles, click on the picture. These are low resolution images. If you would like a high resolution print, let me know.  Previous posts in this series are here, here and here .

Anyway, happy new year.

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Yesterday it was five years ago that superstorm Sandy came to town. To celebrate the anniversary , the weather gods regaled us to another storm. But it was just a soft breeze compared to Sandy’s brutal power.  What has happened in those 5 years to protect us from another disaster? Almost nothing. To quote today’s New York Times: “Most of the big plans to stormproof New York city remain just that: plans. And throughout the planning, the city has continued to advance toward the water, with glass high rise stretching across the riverfront […] Each year we don’t get a hurricane here we know we’ve dodged the bullet ”…

And so on. The borough I live in, Staten Island, was probably the worst hit and would be again if another superstorm struck. We don’t face the future, we just kick the can down the road. Fuck you, grandchildren…

Below some images in which I combined photographs I took of houses destroyed by Sandy with photos of the waiting room of the Staten Island Ferry terminal in Manhattan.

And finally, this:

Someone’s knocking on your door

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GARDEN SHOW (part 3)

This is the third and last post on our pop up garden show. Here I show pieces that were in the upper part of the garden and on the back wall of my studio. I hope they’ll speak to you.



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