Not long before we came to America, we traveled in Tanzania. When, much later, I looked at a photo-album of that trip, I discovered that several of the pictures had suffered serious water damage.

Others may have been dismayed at seeing this, but I was delighted.  What the water had done, was beautiful. If you have followed this blog, you know that I find pleasure in  incorporating natural processes, chemical transformations  that require the passage of time, in my art. Time, memory, serendipity, the metabolism between humans and nature,  are my constant themes. In those inadvertendly altered souvenirs, I found them united.

Of course, I played with them. Adding layers, incorporating some painting and external images including in one some dried rose leafs.   Tripping in Memory Lane.

This is part one.











These images are low resolution, but they exist in high resolution of which I sell archival prints (send me an email if you’re interested) which show a lot more detail. For example, here’s a detail of “After the kill” (the 6th pic above) :


I hope to post part 2 soon. Happy holidays…



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This is one of the works I recently finished (I think). It is made in a (found) cabinet whose original function was a board for throwing darts. I made the outside out of bark, found on our local beach. The inside (the secret part) is made out of wasp and hornet nests, seeds, wax, oil paint, gold leaf and other stuff.

my secret life ext (small)


My Secret Life    open (small)


secret life close up (small)

My Secret Life (2016) Mixed media on Found Objects and Wood. 25″ x 22″ x 4″.


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photo Lance Reha

photo Lance Reha

The Lumen festival (see posts below) was quite succesful. Close to 5000 people attended, which is a lot for an art event, especially on Staten Island, which is not exactly the most art-minded borough of New York City. Congratulations to curator Monica Valenzuela and the whole crew.

The location contributed much to the success. On the bank of the river, with huge boats passing by, the port of Bayonne on the other side and further away the skyline of Manhattan, it all looked glorious in the sunset and the night. The workers of Atlantic Salts shaped mountains and hills of salts just like the artists wanted them. A big thanks to them too.

Below a few pictures of some of my works in the show. Unfortunately not of all, and none of the pictures is taken at night. That’s too bad because, with their internal illumination, they were meant to be seen at night. But that’s quite a challenge for a photographer.

There was an official photographer charged with documenting the event. Unfortunately, his priority seemed to be to take pictures of people eating and drinking, etc, rather than documenting the art. His pics can be seen HERE.  I saw scores of people taking pictures of my work so if you would have any good ones, send them to me, I’ll be grateful. Here’s what I have:

lumen-2016_Ronse_Red Queen

“Red Queen” Photo Lance Reha

"A place to stay", detail. Photo Ann Marie McDonnell

“A place to stay”, detail. Photo Ann Marie McDonnell

People watching the river and art on the other side of the wall. Photo Lance Reha

People watching the river and  the art on the other side of the wall. Photo Lance Reha

Light Tower. Photo Ann Marie McDonnell

Light Tower. Photo Ann Marie McDonnell


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Tomas Ronse Light Tower I

Tomas Ronse Light Tower II LOW RES

These are some of the light incorporating sculptures I will be showing at LUMEN (see post below) the awesome art event that now is just one week away.


By Public Transportation & Free Shuttle take the Staten Island Ferry to the Saint George Ferry Terminal in Staten Island. Exit the terminal towards the West, following the exit signs that point to the baseball field. Outside the exit doors, at the bottom of the steps will be shuttles that are marked with “FREE LUMEN SHUTTLE” signs. This shuttle will take you a half of a mile along the water to the East Gate Entrance. Shuttles run approximately every 15 minutes to and from the festival from 6pm to 12:30am.

By Car to the West Gate from the St. George Ferry Terminal in Staten Island, drive west on Richmond Terrace approximately 1.2 miles to the West Gate Entrance located to the left of Gerardi’s Farmer’s Market on Richmond Terrace. You can enter 561 Richmond Terrace into your GPS.


A partial view of the site of the festival

A partial view of the site of the festival


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LUMEN 2016

LUMEN is arguably the most important annual art event in New York City’s fifth borough. There is a lot to see and it’s a lot of fun. What makes it special is in part its location: on the edge of the most traveled waterway in the US, amidst somewhat post-apocalyptic looking surroundings and huge conic piles of snow white salt. If you’re in New York that day, come see it (there will be shuttle buses departing from the ferry terminal). I have several light incorporating sculptures in this year’s edition.

Hope to see you there!

Lumen 2

Lumen 1

Lumen 3 pic

lumen 2010

The view across the water

The view across the water

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SAND (5)

Sandscape Wildwood lowres

This post concludes (for now) my Sand series.  In the following images the photographs of sand are manipulated with photoshop, including the composition, although sometimes nothing more is done than doubling the image to create a new one. The resulting images may remind you of landscapes seen from space, they can be antropomorphic or purely abstract…I will say nothing more on them in order not to put any limits to your imagination.  No external images are added, except in the following one:

Sandra lowres

Sandscape South Beach lowres Encounter lowres

Bishop lowres

reeds beach variation lowres wildwood sand 2 composition lowres

wildwood sand 3 composition lowres

Sandscape RB lowres

Sandscape South Beach 2 lowres

Untitled Reeds Beach composition lowres

Sandman Wildwood lowres

Feeding frenzy Reeds Beach lowres

Tortured Reeds Beach comp lowres

Warrior Reeds Beach lowres


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SAND (4)

1. South Beach Tide Pattern lowres

This post continues the previous one. It is based on photographs taken at the same locations, but now the image is manipulated, however without altering its composition. Increasing contrast alone already reveals colors  that you didn’t know were in there. Blues, purples, pinks, greens, greys… No “external” colors were added.

2. Dancing in the Bear lowres


New possibilities open.  The paths dug by seaworms form dramatic bas-reliefs and strange graffiti. Tidal patterns in the sand look like mountainous landscapes or flickering flames. Seaweed resembles elegant  gowns  and muddy gullies become rivers, seen from space… but there’s something more. Do you see it?


4. Delta lowres


7 Hills Wildwood Sand lowres


3. Deep in the Night lowres


5. Elephant Gulch lowres


6. Eb Reeds Beach lowres


8. Passing Through 2 lowres


9. Flying together lowres


10. Tidal Flowers lowres


11. Last Words low res


12. Tidal Flames South Beach lowres


13. River lowres


14. Reaching Out low res


15. Tidal Dance low res


Reeds Beach drawing lowres


16. White Crab low res


17. Tidal Canyons lo resTo be continued

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