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I want to conclude the year with another selection from my “African Memories” project. This started when I found some old pictures from a journey in Africa which had suffered water damage. They inspired me to experiment, to speed up … Continue reading

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Yesterday it was five years ago that superstorm Sandy came to town. To celebrate the anniversary , the weather gods regaled us to another storm. But it was just a soft breeze compared to Sandy’s brutal power.  What has happened … Continue reading

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This is a continuation of my series “African Memories”. I post it now on the occasion of tomorrow’s solar eclipse which made me think of the eclipse of february 16, 1980. Northern Tanzania was an ideal place to witness the … Continue reading

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I admire very much the work of Mark Bradford, which occupies the US pavilion at the Venice biennal this year. Like a great composer finds the right notes, Bradford virtuously plays with colors and lines . Like me, he often … Continue reading

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Here are some more distorted memories of Africa. As usual, you can click on the image to see it larger, then you also see the title (although in most cases, it’s a provisional one). I still have a lot more … Continue reading

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Not long before we came to America, we traveled in Tanzania. When, much later, I looked at a photo-album of that trip, I discovered that several of the pictures had suffered serious water damage. Others may have been dismayed at … Continue reading

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SAND (5)

This post concludes (for now) my Sand series.  In the following images the photographs of sand are manipulated with photoshop, including the composition, although sometimes nothing more is done than doubling the image to create a new one. The resulting … Continue reading

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