Yesterday it was five years ago that superstorm Sandy came to town. To celebrate the anniversary , the weather gods regaled us to another storm. But it was just a soft breeze compared to Sandy’s brutal power.  What has happened in those 5 years to protect us from another disaster? Almost nothing. To quote today’s New York Times: “Most of the big plans to stormproof New York city remain just that: plans. And throughout the planning, the city has continued to advance toward the water, with glass high rise stretching across the riverfront […] Each year we don’t get a hurricane here we know we’ve dodged the bullet ”…

And so on. The borough I live in, Staten Island, was probably the worst hit and would be again if another superstorm struck. We don’t face the future, we just kick the can down the road. Fuck you, grandchildren…

Below some images in which I combined photographs I took of houses destroyed by Sandy with photos of the waiting room of the Staten Island Ferry terminal in Manhattan.

And finally, this:

Someone’s knocking on your door

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