This is a continuation of my series “African Memories”. I post it now on the occasion of tomorrow’s solar eclipse which made me think of the eclipse of february 16, 1980. Northern Tanzania was an ideal place to witness the event and we just happened to be there. I took some pictures but because I had no tripod, they weren’t very good. But like the other pictures in this series, they were altered by time and water damage. Some of the changes just happened, some were caused by me on purpose.

These are low resolution copies of high resolution (1200 dpi) scans. To appreciate them fully you should see them in high resolution. Below are some details of the pictures above. See if you can match them.

An eclipse lasts only a couple of minutes. A short moment which, over time, becomes a strange memory, evoking unfathomable spatial events. Memory is what this series is about. I will continue the series in the near future. Follow this blog, if you want to see more…

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  1. tine says:

    schitterend werk! Zou dit graag eens in het echt zien. Exposeert u soms in België?

  2. tomasronse says:

    Bedankt. Als ik ooit in Belgie exposeer, zal ik het u laten weten, als u me uw email stuurt (mijn email-adres staat in “about).

  3. Luc says:

    Heel boeiend werk.

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