War (and my revulsion of it) is a recurring theme in my art.  Below some recent examples.

“Give us war!” (2016)

In this I combined painting with a world war I photograph.

Doomsday Machine  (2017)

Mixed media on a found objects assemblage, 28 inches high, 18 ” wide, 9″ deep.

Battlefield   (2017)

Mixed media on found canvases. 18″ by 48 inches.

Battlefield (close up)

Feed the vultures and hyanas   (2017)

A combination of painting, own photograph and photographs of the US civil war.

Forgotten Warrior (1) (2017)

Forgotten Warrior (2)  (2017)

The two images above combine painting with photographs I took of decaying mannekins in a “Forgotten Vietnam Warriors Monument” in southern New Jersey.

Sic Transit   (2016)

This is  a fragment of an enamel plate on a grave I photographed in Italy.

Other works on the theme of War can be found in previous posts on this blog such as HERE.

More soon.

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