I admire very much the work of Mark Bradford, which occupies the US pavilion at the Venice biennal this year. Like a great composer finds the right notes, Bradford virtuously plays with colors and lines . Like me, he often uses found material. Like me, he often combines collage and painting;  we use some similar techniques. Only, he does it better. Certainly more monumentally, spectacularly, successfully. Bradford’s work achieves an exquisite tactile sensually that reminds me of some of the work of Tapies, Burri and Kiefer.

An interesting take on Bradford and the ‘art world’s reaction to him, is the following  article by a fellow artist-blogger. His name is Eric Wayne. I’m not (yet) a fan of his art, but I find his comments on the ‘art world’ often to the point.

The Belgian pavilion is also  worth seeing, showcasing the photographer Dirk Braeckman.

Although I agree with Eric Wayne that it’s a mistake to reduce an artist’s work to a political statement,  I do think Braeckman’s pictures are subversive. They resist the concept of time that rules us, the fetishization of speed. He shows us that another, slower, deeper way of looking  at our world is possible.

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