I can’t believe this is only my first post of this year; I intent to make up for that. There’s a lot I want to show. I’ll start with three new pieces.


“ART” Oil on canvas, wooden frame (16 by 18 inches)

This work contains an original painting by Adolf Hitler, portraying a snug little harbor. It was probably made in 1917 or 1918 and is signed by the famous monster hero. In the clouds, we see stock quotes, symbolizing the rising value of this commodity.  The text on the frame is a dialogue:

“Do you think it has any value?”

“I don’t know. The frame looks kind of nice.”

“I bet in China they make those for next to nothing.”

“But have you seen the signature?”

“OMG! Could it be…a real Hitler?”

(Actually, the text was a bit shortened to fit on the frame). Many thanks to my friend Malachi McCormick who did the calligraphy.



SHIP WRECK  Mixed media  (18 by 15 inches, 5” deep).

This work is an exact copy of a detail of a sculptural installation by Damien Hirst in Venice.  I hired Italian craftsmen (their names are unimportant) to make it and they did such a good job that it’s virtually indistinguishable from the original.  And yet it’s different, for the few who can see it.  This is called “appropriation art”.




“STORIES OF THE STREET” Mixed media on found paper and wood (20 by 23 inches, 3” deep)

Wood and coral from the beach, poster and other paper from city streets. In this work too, various copyrights were violated.




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  1. elisabethkhan says:

    Fascinating, Tom! Love the “Damien Hirst” …

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