SAND (5)

Sandscape Wildwood lowres

This post concludes (for now) my Sand series.  In the following images the photographs of sand are manipulated with photoshop, including the composition, although sometimes nothing more is done than doubling the image to create a new one. The resulting images may remind you of landscapes seen from space, they can be antropomorphic or purely abstract…I will say nothing more on them in order not to put any limits to your imagination.  No external images are added, except in the following one:

Sandra lowres

Sandscape South Beach lowres Encounter lowres

Bishop lowres

reeds beach variation lowres wildwood sand 2 composition lowres

wildwood sand 3 composition lowres

Sandscape RB lowres

Sandscape South Beach 2 lowres

Untitled Reeds Beach composition lowres

Sandman Wildwood lowres

Feeding frenzy Reeds Beach lowres

Tortured Reeds Beach comp lowres

Warrior Reeds Beach lowres


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