SAND (4)

1. South Beach Tide Pattern lowres

This post continues the previous one. It is based on photographs taken at the same locations, but now the image is manipulated, however without altering its composition. Increasing contrast alone already reveals colors  that you didn’t know were in there. Blues, purples, pinks, greens, greys… No “external” colors were added.

2. Dancing in the Bear lowres


New possibilities open.  The paths dug by seaworms form dramatic bas-reliefs and strange graffiti. Tidal patterns in the sand look like mountainous landscapes or flickering flames. Seaweed resembles elegant  gowns  and muddy gullies become rivers, seen from space… but there’s something more. Do you see it?


4. Delta lowres


7 Hills Wildwood Sand lowres


3. Deep in the Night lowres


5. Elephant Gulch lowres


6. Eb Reeds Beach lowres


8. Passing Through 2 lowres


9. Flying together lowres


10. Tidal Flowers lowres


11. Last Words low res


12. Tidal Flames South Beach lowres


13. River lowres


14. Reaching Out low res


15. Tidal Dance low res


Reeds Beach drawing lowres


16. White Crab low res


17. Tidal Canyons lo resTo be continued

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