SAND (3)

Not that anybody is holding his breath, but I felt a little guilty for neglecting this blog. And as I was in the middle of showing my sand-based pictures, I feel I have to continue. I’m stuck in sand, so to speak.

This series is based on sand photographed on beaches in Staten Island and New Jersey (USA). I especially like bay areas, where ocean and river meet, and a lot of organic matter intermingles with the anorganic sand, forming tableaus shaped by the tides into intricate patterns.  I organize the series in three posts. First (today) straight sand pictures, which are tweaked a bit but remain fairly close to the photograph. In the second post, the images are drastically altered, mainly through use of light, contrast and saturation. In the third post, the composition of the images is also manipulated.

1. sand Fort Cape May lowres2. Sand fort Cape May 2 lowresI find the sand sculptures done by nature much more impressive than the sand carvings done for tourists at popular beaches. The pictures above were taken in Cape May, NJ.

3. Cove Reed's Beach lowres

Cove Reeds Beach

4. Passing Through Lowres

Passing Through

5. Tidal Landscape lowres

Tidal Landscape

6. Traces Low res


7. Shore low res


8. Sandscape low res


9. Grey Tide low res

Grey Tide

10 Letter lowres


11 Sand Drawing lowres

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