SAND (2)

Here are images based on pictures taken at the same beach  as those in my previous post. But in those I’m showing today, not only things like contrast and saturation are changed, but also the composition.  Sometimes, it may be hard to realize that you’re looking at sand. Or should I write: “Ceci n’est pas du sable?”

Block Island suite 1 lowres


Block Island suite 2 lowres

Block Island suite 3 lowres

Block Island suite 4 lowres

Block Island suite 5 lowres

Block Island suite 6 lowres

Block Island suite 7 lowres

Sometimes I can’t resist to the temptation of  mixing in another (non-sand) image, like in the following two…

Block Island suite #5 (Eye) lowres

Block Island eroscape 309 c2.jpglowres

Their measurements in print vary from 6 by 10  to 16 by 21 inches. They are printed on archival paper, limited edition, high resolution. Prices upon request (not expensive).

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