It’s been a while since I posted. Among other things, because of a lack of good photographs of my new work. I find photographing art work very difficult. I don’t have the technical background to do it so I rely on friends.  Nevertheless, I am a photographer of sorts. I may not be good technically but I have other strengths, like my pictorial way of looking.  I have a number of themes I continuously return to. One of them is ‘sand’. I find the patterns formed by the tides in the sand endlessly fascinating. In the next posts, I want to show you some of my sand pics.

Today I chose some pictures of a beloved beach on an island on the American east coast. There is some cropping, and manipulation of contrast and saturation, but otherwise, these are straight pictures.  In my next post, I’ll show some compositions made from pictures of the same place (done with photoshop).

Block Island strand 1 lowres

Block Island strand 2 lowres

Block Island strand 3 lowres

Block Island strand 4 lowres

Block Island strand 5 lowres

Block Island strand 6 lowres

Block Island strand 9 lowres

Block Island strand 10 lowres

Block Island strand 11 lowres

Block Island strand 12 lowres

Block Island strand7 lowres

Block Island strand8 lowres

The printed pictures measure 8 by 10 inches (aprox.). They are for sale. Send me an email if you’re interested.

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