Elia 1

I want to share with you the pleasure of visiting a gallery of contemporary art with Miriam Elia, a British artist and comedian.  Her book and exhibition, “We go to the gallery” (2014) succeeds in spoofing both the art world and the way children are educated. The form is a parody of the “Ladybird books”, an educational series for children, world famous in the UK. It recounts the visit of two young kids, Peter and Jane, with their mother of a gallery with work by Jeff Koons and other celebrated art stars. The kids are like the kid in Andersen’s fairy tale, they fail to see the emperor’s clothes. Mummy does her best to instruct them…

Not everyone laughed. Penguin, which owns the Ladybird books, threatened to sue but later backed down.

Elia 0

Enjoy these excerpts:

Elia 2

Elia 3

Elia 4

Elia 5

Elia 6

Elia 7

Elia 8

Layout 1

Elia 10

Elia 11

Elia 12


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One Response to WE GO TO THE GALLERY

  1. fischerzed says:

    Very cool. I remember those Ladybird books from too many years ago. A clever critique.

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