Untitled-2b dreambook 2001 cropped kleinMost of the work I showed in my last post is older. I have made quite a bit of new work though. Some of it is finished, for others I must wait until the spring to work outside, so that the odors of my work don’t permeate the house. Of the finished work, I don’t have good pictures at the moment.  It requires more technique than I have to take good pictures of pictures. So in this post, I will show again some older work. Over the years, I have made several books. Some of a size that allows me to scan the images, so no photographs are needed.  I showed one of my books, “Vanished Civilisations” earlier on this blog: https://tomasronse.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/a-book/
It would be too big for my scanner but that is not the case for the book I will show some images from today. It is called Dreambook. I made it in 2001 for my love Jacqueline.
The size of the book is 8 by 11 ¾ inches, so that is also the size of the images, unless they cover double pages. The techniques used are collage, ink, wax, scratching, burning, wetting, crushing, ironing and other forms of torture.
Here are some images from that book. I may show more in the future.

3 nude on bed klein4 Ronse Untitled-3 dreambook 2001 klein5 Ronse night skin  2001 dreambook klein6 Ronse night time, right time 2001 dreambook  klein7 take this longing from my tongue 2001 klein8 waiting 2001 dreambook klein10 Ronse Untitled-5 dreambook 2001 kleinRonse a warned man 2001 dreambook klein11 Squeeze klein1 2001 girl klein

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