Happy 2014

It has been a long time since I posted here. In hindsight, my originally stated intention to post every week, looks wildly over-optimistic now. But I guess I’m not the first blogger who made this mistake.  The struggle to survive gets in the way of our good intentions. Anyway, happy new year, dear visitor of this blog. Let’s hope it will be an inspiring year for you and me. The fact that I haven’t posted since March doesn’t mean that I have been inactive. Among other things, I participated in three group shows at our local gallery, Deep Thanks. Below are some of my contributions, photographed by Kristopher Johnson.

Tomas Ronse - Mask 2013 smallMask, 2013. Shell, burned iron, pigment, 12″ high.

pandora's box 1 smallpandora's box 2 2013 small

Pandora’s Box, 2013. Acrylic on wood, rubber, coral. 18 by 17 by 7 “. (Comes in a handy ammunition box). First pic is the closed box, second open. Was part of the “touchy feely” show, in which spectators were encouraged to interact physically with the art.

tomas-ronse-The Gate 2013 smallThe Gate, 2012. ink and acrylic on collage of found papers.17 by 11 “

tomas-ronse- Walk on 2013 smallPoisoned Garden 2012. Copper and iron powder (oxidated) and acrylic on found embroidery. 12 by 12 inches.

tomas-ronse-untitled 2011 smallIn my Secret Life, 2011. Acrylic, pigments and wax on rubber, framed.  14″ by 12″.

tomas-ronse-Thief 2003 smallThief in the night, 2005. Acrylic, oxidated iron on collage. 13 by 18 1/2 “.

tomas-ronse-postcard from Mars 2013 smallPostcard from Mars, 2012. Acrylic, ink and oxidated iron on stone and styrofoam. 14 by 14 “.

tomas-ronse-All about Eve smallAll about Eve, 2012. Ink on found paper. 20 by 16 “.

tomas-ronse- Dream 2013 smallDream, 2007. Chemicals, oxidated iron and ink on photograph. 17 by 14 inches.

For the Belgian paper De Morgen I recently wrote reviews of the Magritte-show in the Moma, of a show by Nicolas Karakatsanis in Brooklyn and of the retrospective of Art Spiegelman in the Jewish Museum. Links are below.




Thanks for looking. I will post again very soon.

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  1. carol hughes says:

    Beautiful artwork Tom!


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