Here are images of my last show at Deep Tanks, photographed by Kristopher Johnson (thanks Kris). This was the first time I conceived a show as a thematic whole. The disadvantage of this is that the viewer is steered towards one specific interpretation of the work, and therefore might be less inclined to seek his own relationship with it. But the great advantage is that the works react to each other more, so that the entire show becomes a collage, in which all parts fit. Since collage is my main method in making individual art works, it was an exiting experience for me to expand this approach to a show as a whole.

The theme of the show was the storm that struck the US eastcoast last october. As you know from earlier posts, I live nearby one of the most afflicted areas.  I wanted to express the frightening power of the storm, but also its beauty, and the need for solidarity with its victims. The need to fight against a disastrous course caused by the destruction of our ecosystem for the sake of profit.

I recycled some older works but the majority is made between 11/2012 and 2/2013. Most of the found materials used for assemblage in these works, were collected from the very beaches that were so badly hit by the storm.

(Click on the images to see them larger)

TOMAS RONSE- someone's knocking

Someone’s knocking on your door (2013) paper collage  12 by 15 inches

TOMAS RONSE-Hello mother nature

Hello, Mother Nature (2013)  Mixed media and found objects on found canvas 40 by 30 inches.

TOMAS RONSE- perfect storm

Perfect Storm (2013)  mixed media on found tablecloth on wood 55 by 44 inches.

TOMAS RONSE-perfect storm detail kleinA close-up of the same work.


Oh Sandy  (2013) mixed media on found objects assemblage. 35 inches wide. This assemblage consists of, among other things, bones, part of a life jacket, fishbones and drift wood

TOMAS RONSE-Night of horror

Night of Horror  (2012)  mixed media on treated photograph  26 by 32 inches (frame incl)

TOMAS RONSE-The Churning kl

The Churning (2012) mixed media on treated photograph 27 by 31 inches (frame incl)

TOMAS RONSE-Flood and Fire

Flood and fire  (2013)  mixed media on treated photograph with flame-treated frame 26 by 32 inches (frame incl)

TOMAS RONSE-Breaking apart

TOMAS RONSE-breaking apart (det)A close up of the same work


Save me    (2008)  mixed media on found objects assemblage 12 by 8 inches

TOMAS RONSE-Midland Beach

Midland Beach, November 2012    (2012)  acrylic, oil and oxidized iron on found paper, 13 by 17 inches

TOMAS RONSE- Dance of the winds

Dance of the winds  (2012)  wax, pigments, oxidized iron and copper, salt, bark and found textile on cardboard 26 by 42 inches

TOMAS RONSE- Dance...-detail A close up of the same work

TOMAS RONSE-The lure of the shore

Once you’ve known her, you can’t leave her (the lure of the shore) (2012)  acrylic on collage of found material. 9 ½ by 8 inches

TOMAS RONSE-From sea to rising sea -det

From Sea to Rising Sea    (1998) iris print of collage 22 by 30 inches

TOMAS RONSE-New Dorp uprootedNew Dorp Beach uprooted    (2013) mixed media on found objects assemblage 36’’ high 26’’ wide

TOMAS RONSE-new Dorp Uprooted det A close up.

TOMAS RONSE-New Dorp uprooted -backThe other side of the same work.

TOMAS RONSE-the return of hunger -front

The Return of Hunger   (2013)   acrylic on found objects assemblage  16 inches high

TOMAS RONSE-The return of hunger -backThe other side of the same work.

TOMAS RONSE-Silver Lining klein

A silver lining   (2013 mixed) media on found etching 8 by 11 inches


Framed (2013)  found objects assemblage 7 by 6 inches

Tomas Ronse Speak

Speak, even if your voice trembles   (2012) paper collage on plywood 28 by 28 inches. 

Below a close up.

TOMAS RONSE- speak det

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One Response to OH SANDY

  1. Hoedemakers Denise says:

    strong work, i like it, also because of the comittment

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