Here are pictures from my last show at Deep Tanks (see previous post). Thank you, Kristopher Johnson, for taking them. As usual, most can be seen bigger when you click on them. There was no title or explicit theme to the show, but maybe an implicit one.  There’s a lot of violence and hurt but also, for those who can see it, some humor and hope. Like in this one:

UFS ,2012, mixed media on rope and plaster

Notice that it’s called UFS, not UFO. It’s an unidentified flying Subject, defying the law (in this case, of gravity. Here’s pic of the UFS under construction:

Here is a work I made on a piece I found on the beach. It may come from a shipwrecked sailboat. I haven’t found the right title yet.

Untitled  (2012) 43 ½ inches wide. walnut shell pigment on found object

                                              Valentine II   (2012)    10” high Wax, found objects

Everybody’s wounded (2012) . 32″ by 26″. Mixed media on plexiglas.

Here is the same work, backlighted.

Another Victory (2012)  23 by 17 inch. Mixed media on found tv-frame 

Agarrate mi vida (Mieke hou u vast) (2011) 40 inches high. Mixed media on assembled found objects

Here’s a detail of this work:

Randy’s forecast (2012) 29” by 21”. Mixed media on paper

Here’s a detail:

My guardian angel (2010) 38 by 32 inch. Ink and acrylic on found cardboard.

See that my grave is kept clean (2012)   27” by 18” by 7”. Oxidated iron and copper on plastic and other found objects. Bone, sand, tiny animals.    

That’s how the light gets in  (2012) 16 by 20 inch. Walnut shell pigment and oil on found painted canvas.

The following four works were grouped under the common name: Crash! and hung closely together.

Mars Crash (2012) 24 ½ by 30 1/2″. Sand, glue, oxidated iron on metal and and plastic.

Ocean Explosion (2012) 31 by 25 inch. Pigments, oxidated iron and copper on wood.

Fallen cosmonaut  (1998)  30” by 22”. Mixed media (mostly wax) on paper.

Deep blue sea (Voor Willem) 30 ½ by 20 1/2″.Mixed media on wood and plastic.

If you look closely, you see a headless body drifting and a diver who obviously comes too late.

Here are details of those 4 works (click on them to see them larger).


The  following two are part of an ongoing series of interventions in found, discarted paintings. The series is called: Intrusions.

Intrusion: Beach (2011)  29 by 23 inches.  Acrylic and oxidated iron on found painted canvas

Intrusion: home (2012)  20” by 16”.  Mixed media on found painted canvas  

And to end the show, a few small works.

Friends (2004) 17 ½ by 24 “. Acrylic, oxidated iron and copper.

Hugger-mugger (2012) 20 by 23”. Acrylic and mixed media on found canvas.

Snapshot (2003) 14 ½” by 18 ½”.  Leaves, wax and mixed media on rubber.

I’m the clown in the middle (2012) (15 ½ by 19 /2 inch.) mixed media on found canvas board.

That seems like a good way to end this rather long post. Thanks for reading it, come again.

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