Bye Bye Antoni

That is Antoni Tapies who died this week at the age of 88.  He was a major influence on my artistic vision, as I explained earlier here

For me, he was one of the most sensual of painters.

Jennifer Blessing of the Guggenheim foundation wrote about his work:

Tàpies reevaluated humble materials, things of the earth such as sand and the refuse of humanity: string, bits of fabric, and straw. By calling attention to this seemingly inconsequential matter, he suggested that beauty can be found in unlikely places. Tàpies saw his works as objects of meditation that every viewer will interpret according to personal experience; he sought to inspire a contemplative reaction to reality through the integration of materials unexpected in fine art.

These images often resemble walls that have been scuffed and marred by human intervention and the passage of time These markings recall the scribbling of graffiti, perhaps referring to the public walls covered with slogans and images of protest that the artist saw as a youth in Catalonia—a region in Spain that experienced the harshest repression under dictator Francisco Franco. Tàpies called walls the “witnesses of the martyrdoms and inhuman sufferings inflicted on our people.”

Here are a few more images to remember him by. Click on them to see them larger. Of course, you should see them in person, experience their physical presence.   I was most inspired by the work he did in the late 1950’s and ’60’s. In any case, thanks Antoni, for the beauty you left behind.

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