Go see this show if you can

There are so many talented young artists today. One of them is my niece, EDITH RONSE. If you find yourself in Belgium and not too far from the town of Aarschot (near Leuven), go see a show of Edith, as well as JAN VISSERS, in CC Gasthuis, Gasthuisstraat 22, Aarschot. The show lasts until February 26. On weekdays it is open  from 1pm until 11 pm, on weekends from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Unlike her uncle, Edith Ronse understands that it’s important for an artist to exhibit her or his work regularly. I wish her a lot of success.

Here are a few examples of her work. More can be seen on her website, edithronse.be

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One Response to Go see this show if you can

  1. Annelien says:

    zo ‘n goeike!
    Als ik een strak huis had, kwam deze in de woonkamer, vlak voor het grote raam!

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