This november I participated in a group show in the Deep Tanks Studio whose name, ‘Nudus’, left little doubt on the subject matter. Although I’m not a  very good draftsman, I always have loved drawing, painting, photographing and photoshopping nude figures. Me and a zillion others of course.  But it’s a subject that can never be exhausted, as this show once again illustrated.

The other artists in this show were photographer Kristopher Johnson and the painter Shungaboy.

(As usual, click on the smaller images to see them larger)

I had one sculpture in the show, 4 collages and about a hundred paintings on paper,of which I show a selection below.  Most of them are measuring 12 by 10 by inches (32 by 24 cm). I mostly used acrylic paint, charcoal,  ink, metal powders. The bulk of them were done in the 1990’s, some before, some after. Some came into being in collaboration with my friend and fellow recycling artist Robin M Jordan.









I end with a picture of my sculpture in the show. I’ve shown it before but this picture is much better, thanks to photographer Kristopher Johnson.

“Wind me op en ik zing” (“Turn me on and I sing”) (1996) 29 by 13 by 6 inches. Gold paint and iron powder washes on plaster.  In its secret place, this beauty has a music box.

An almost complete archive of the show can be seen HERE

That’s it for now. Have a warm december…

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