Today the summer officially ended and the weather confirmed it: it was grey, chilly and wet, a typical autumn day, at least where I come from. But here in the Northeast of America, this kind of weather is not typical at all for late september and october. Instead,  around this time we usually enjoy the most beautiful period of the year: Indian Summer. Deep blue skies, brilliant light, cool breezes, warm days and chilly nights. Best of all: the turning of the leaves. The first time I saw those vibrant colors, I was so moved I got tears in my eyes. For me, the real fall only begins when the leaves have fallen and all the color is on the ground. Then the season of melancholy sets in, for which we’ll need lots of parties in order to survive untill next spring.

Here is an older work that celebrates this season and the feelings it evokes.

Indian Summer (1988),  Mixed media on wood and rubber 67 by 40 inches

Here’s a detail:

Here’s an untitled series on paper that sort of captures the transition from Indian Summer to Fall. The rusting of the colors, the leafs, swirling in the wind, dropping like colored rain,  the reflections of the flaming trees in the icy blue lakes…These images were made after walks in the Catskills. I don’t remember in what year I painted them but they are in a book of landscapes which I made in 1999.

Acrylic on paper, 13 ½ by 10 ½ inches.

Acrylic and oxidated iron powder on paper, 13 by 10 ½ inch.

Acrylic and oxidated iron powder on paper, 9 by 11 inch.

Pastel and oxidated iron powder on paper, 13 by 9 ½ inch.

Acrylic, ink and oxidated iron powder on cardboard, 14 by 11 inch.

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