I recently participated in a group show, called “RatArtOuille” in Deep Tanks Studio.  Click on this link to see all the works in this show: RatArtOuille

I got a lot of positive feedback on one work in particular, which I included as an afterthought, a book ‘about’ lost memories, which I made in 2009. That was the year after my little gardenhouse burned down, an impressive fire which consumed thousands of documents, books, letters, photographs, paintings, memories… some of the charred remnants ended in this book, which I made as a birthday present for Jacqueline.  Originally it was a wallpaper catalogue which I found on a sidewalk. Here are the front and backcovers:

You can click on the image to see them larger. Also on the following thumbnails of inside pages:

So that is more than half of the book. My thanks to the photographer, Kristopher Johnson.

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