Go see this show if you can

If You’re in Brussels one of these days, go see the show of my dear friend MARC LAMBRECHTS. He and I have a lot in common, not only because we both grew up in Flanders and live since many years in New York where we became friends decades ago but also because we share quite a bit of artistic affinity. His work is gorgeous and like me, he has a great interest in non-traditional, often found materials as means for artistic expression.

His show is called “Reinventing the Past” and can be seen at the Nomad Gallery, Aalststraat (rue d’Alost) 7 1000 Brussels

The opening Reception is on Thursday, 9 September, 6-9pm. Marc will be there.

The exhibition lasts from 10 September until 13 November 2010

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 2-6pm or by appointment

+32 2 213 36 87



Open during Brussels Art Days

Saturday, 11 September from 12:00 until 20:00

Sunday, 12 September from 12:00 until 20:00


If you’re in NewYork you can see Marc’s work at Jonathan Burden, 180 Duane Street in downtown Manhattan, till the end of september.

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One Response to Go see this show if you can

  1. Ron Morosan says:

    Hi Tom,

    Enjoyed seeing your work and reading your narrative. You are very generous in the detail
    to which you go to clarify what you do and where your methods come from.
    That shows an ability to objectify or step outside of yourself to see your work in the larger
    context of artists and art works. It’s a non-formal and non-art historical approach- refreshing when
    compared to others that I read.
    I think its true as your say “material abstraction” is too utilitarian and technical to describe what you
    and Nonn do. I would put in more in the phrase of “material poetics.” There is a lot of metaphor in the
    way you view these messages from the world.
    Nice site,


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